Ponds and Pumps...

Full range of pondsRunning water in the garden can be very relaxing providing a soothing atmosphere. This can be achieved in many ways through the use of various fountains, inground water features, patio style water features which can be placed in the garden also, or through the use of a pond.


Ponds come in many shapes and forms from pre-fabricated poly ponds, or through use of pond liners, or an artificial rock pond

The range includes ponds, cascades, waterfalls, and a couple of self contained units which recycle water down a waterfall from a small pond below. We have some display kits on show to help give you an idea of how the products can be used with suggested pump sizes. Our range includes pre-packed Pond Liners, pre-formed Ponds, Cascades, Waterfalls etc...

Our extensive range of universal rock ponds will cater for almost any pond or waterfall application. They're so realistic, you'll have to touch them just to make sure they're not. They're extremely lightweight and easy to work with and there are many shapes and sizes which can be mixed and matched to create your own design.

Ask us for a full colour catalogue.