Oase pumpssmlWe have a comprehensive range of pumps to suit all of your needs. Our Oase pumps are a fantastic choice for water features or clean water ponds and come in a variety of sizes. Oase pumps are a premium pump brand and have a 3-5 year warranty on the pump depending upon the model. We also carry the Clearpond Infiniti Italian pumps for small ponds and fountains which have a two year warranty on the internal impeller.

Oase also have a very popular range of solar pumps that run in direct sunlight. Some also come with a battery backup so your water feature doesn't have to shut down when the sun does. For dirty water ponds the Blagdon Midipond pumps are the way to go as there are no internal sponges that can get clogged up with sediment. We stock a range of pond pumps, biological filtration and solar fountain pumps.

To keep your water crystal clear you can pick up a pressure filter with UV clarifier. By running these 24 hours a day you will see a dramatic improvement in your water quality in a very short period of time. We have, of course, all the accessories you may need such as pond liner, tubing, algaecides and pond lights.