Ponds and Pumps for Gardens in South East Queensland

We have a huge range of ponds and pumps for gardens or any aquatic situation. With Nielsen’s Native Nursery, you can choose your perfect aquatic setting, from small and quaint to large and fascinating.

Running water in the garden can be very relaxing providing a soothing atmosphere. This can be achieved in many ways through the use of various fountains, in-ground water features, patio style water features which can be placed in the garden also, or through the use of a pond.

Once you’ve decided on your preferred setting, make sure you get the right advice about how to stock your new water feature with the very best in plants and fish from our great aquarium team!


Create a tranquil piece of paradise with some water gardening. A pond can add natural serenity to the garden as well as creating a haven for the local wildlife. With a great range of pond products, we can help you create your little oasis in the backyard. We offer pre-formed ponds, pond liners, and underlay as well as patio ponds; all the necessary accessories you will need.

Our pumps all come with a minimum warranty of 2 years with up to 5 years warranty on premium models.


We have a comprehensive range of pumps, filtration, and maintenance supplies to keep your water clear and your fish and plants healthy. We have small fountain pumps for clean water applications as well as pond pumps to move larger volumes of water, some with solids handling capabilities to prevent clogging. Our premium pump brands have a 3-5 year warranty on the pump depending upon the model.

We have a range of smaller solar pumps that run in direct sunlight. Some also come with a battery backup so your water feature doesn’t have to shut down when the sun does.

Nielsen's Native Nursery

Come Visit Our Nursery for Ponds and Pumps for Gardens.

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