Ponds and Pond Pumps in Brisbane

Designed for Gardens in South East Queensland
We have a huge range of ponds and pond pumps designed to suit the diverse needs of gardens and aquatic environments. Our commitment to providing a vast range ensures that you can find the perfect solution for your outdoor space, whether you’re envisioning a small and charming pond or a large, captivating water feature.


Transform your backyard into a tranquil paradise with water gardening, where a well-designed pond becomes the centrepiece of natural serenity. Our diverse range of pond products includes pre-formed ponds, liners and underlay, offering both convenience and flexibility to shape your water feature to perfection.


We have a comprehensive range of pumps, filtration systems and maintenance supplies to keep your water clear and your fish and plants healthy. From small fountain pumps for clean water applications to robust pond pumps with solids handling capabilities to prevent clogging, our premium pump brands come with a 3-5 year warranty, showcasing our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

For those embracing eco-friendly solutions, our range includes smaller solar pumps designed to run in direct sunlight. Some models even feature a battery backup, ensuring your water feature remains operational even after sunset. With the most comprehensive range of pond pumps in Brisbane, you can foster a thriving aquatic ecosystem and enjoy the tranquil ambiance of your water feature day and night.

Nielsen's Native Nursery

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