Shade Houses for Gardens in South East Queensland

We are an agent for high-quality shade houses. Your enquiry is sent directly to the supplier who will contact you to discuss your needs.

Take a look at the fantastic range of heavy-duty shade houses by Nielsen’s Native Nursery. Protect your treasured Ferns, Bromeliads, Orchids and other shade-loving plants from the often harsh Queensland sun!

We Offer Unbeatable UV Protection

Available in a range of sizes, shapes and configurations, our shade houses will easily integrate into your outdoor or garden areas and are ready to go in no time at all.

Built from heavy-duty galvanised steel mesh and UV-resistant shade cloth, you can be sure that these shade houses are up to the task of protecting your plants.

Whether you just need a simple shade cover with an open front or something a little more established with a complete door and latching mechanism, Nielsen’s Native Nursery can help.

Nielsen's Native Nursery

For more information about our range of shade houses, you can call us at (07) 3806 1414 today!

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